Friday, July 9, 2010

Scary kind of thing

So baby listen...
I need somebody to hear me out real quick
To hear what I have to say.
Which is worth listening, so I don't have to say it out loud alone.
Afraid of the consequences of my actions,
The deeper meaning; hidden behind words unsaid.
What a scary kind of thing.
But it's not time to have any breakdowns or meltdowns--- not now.
Just words and ears, but thoughts and paper for now.
I say one thing but mean another, but no take back this time.
I can't pretend finding the words are easy.
Track by track, I feel myself trying to find the right kind of words.
I don't know what the difference the right kind will make.
If the meaning still the same.
But I don't mind repeating myself
If the feeling is the same.
But every move you make affects mine,
Our minds in sync seems almost biological.
Without get me.
But time is something we never did have,
Enough time to figure out all this baggage we got,
Emotions we bring, and memories
I close my eyes
and let them all float back into my head.
Letting my sub-conscience absorb it like a huge sponge.
And whether it all means something.
To bet high, or to bet low.
What a scary kind of thing.
Tainted or true?
I would never want nothing tainted.
Who knew?
You are who you be.
And step by step we go,
Like we're moving on thin ice
Underneath all we got is more decisions, dealing with other people's twisted emotions.
What a tangled mess we made.
I say, screw it, I'll bet all my chips....
For answers.
I don't need you say in that matter.
What a scary kind of thing.

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