Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wants and needs

It hit, but I'm 2 days too late.
You say feeling fade, I say hope too.
I can't keep pretending I'm not better than any other of those bitches.
The sad part, all I ever wanted was for you to be happy.
Where did that put me?
You make it look so easy.
40 minute release and you have no shame, going back to her.
I don't blame you.
At least you can make choices,
It looks so easy for you.
Why isn't this shit easy for me?
I don't know how to do anything really well, but the friend part I think I got down.
Friend. The part where I give,some people take.
"You look happy..."
Wants and needs.
Wants and needs.
Two completely different things.
Because as you go forward in your life,
I NEED to go too.
I NEED to move forward.
I NEED this, despite what my heart may THINK it needs. NEEDS is the wrong word organ, it's WANT.
And I don't WANT this.
I don't WANT to feel like an anything.
I WANT to be an everything.
I didn't want to get in the way...the funny thing I didn't.
Loosen your grip girl, and let the dude go.
If it's really meant to be he'll come back if he wants too.
But you NEED to get over self.

-For you, on this day, post everything. I don't NEED you to be happy.

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